MLB Rumors: Frankie Montas Now Yankees’ No. 1 Target; Rockies could keep Daniel Bard

The trade deadline is four days away and late Friday night the biggest throwing token fell as the The Reds sent right-hander Luis Castillo to the Mariners for four prospects. The trade likely puts Seattle out of the running for Nationals prodigy John Soto, whose market would be reduced to four teams. With that in mind, here are Saturday’s Trade Deadline rumors.

rockies likely to keep Bard

According to Athleticsthe Rockies will “almost surely” stay closer Daniel Bard on the trade deadline. The 37-year-old bard will be a free agent after the season, although Colorado hopes to re-sign him. Last year, the Rockies did not trade Trevor’s Story and Jon Gray at the deadline and both left as free agents. The team didn’t even receive draft compensation for Gray.

Bard, the 2020 NL Returning Player of the Year, remains one of the best batsmen and passers on the ground. He could help any competitor’s bullpen. There’s still plenty of time for the Rockies to change their minds and come up with deals for Bard, though they have a habit of zig-zagging when other teams zig-zag. Keeping Bard would be very on the mark for the last Rockies spot.

blue jays interested in Fulmer

The Blue Jays are among the teams interested in tigers right handed Michael Fulmer, reports Fulmer pitched a scoreless eighth inning in Toronto on Friday. The Tigers have several relievers to peddle at the deadline – Andre Chafin and All Star Gregory Soto are among them – although Fulmer is an imminent free agent, so there is an urgent need to move him.

Throwing is top priority for a Blue Jays team that has been on an offensive tear in recent weeks. Fulmer has turned into a slider machine that lacks bats, although he also has walking issues. He’s the kind of rental bullpen who moves out every year on the deadline and is an upgrade to every competitor’s bullpen.

Ride now Yankees‘ Target #1

With Castillo off the board, Athletics right handed Frankie Montas is now the Yankees’ No. 1 target, reports USA Today. It’s gotta go to Oakland and Montas is the team’s best remaining trade chip. The right-hander missed two starts with a minor shoulder issue earlier this month, but has looked strong in both starts and has been pitching at a high level for several years now.

New York is looking for a rotational upgrade and will likely have to win a bidding war to acquire Montas. Several other suitors need help with the rotation and Montas is appealing as he will remain under the control of the team next season as a referee-eligible player. He’s not a hire, and as Castillo’s trade showed, the price tag for two playoffs of an impact starter is high.

As, Brewers spoke Laureano

Athletics and Brewers discussed outfielder ramon laurano, according to New York Post. Laureano is one of the A’s best remaining trade tokens and he will remain under the team’s control until 2025, so he is a long-term addition. Center field has been a weakness for the Brewers all season and Laureano represents an upgrade from the Jonathan Davis/Tyrone Taylor section.

Currently in first place in the NL Central, Milwaukee could use another bat to lengthen the roster and Laureano also brings an element of speed. His defense tends to be overrated – Laureano’s arm is top-notch, although his reach and routes are just fine – but the Brewers’ centre-backs have hit 0.213 / 0.272 / 0.313 this year, and it’s not right fly when you fight for a division title.

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