Elon Musk strikes back on Twitter

After being sued by Twitter, Elon Musk responded with his own countersuit in his legal fight against the social media network.

Twitter has decided to sue Elon Musk and the two will go to court in October to settle the $44 billion OK. Earlier this year, Twitter accepted the Tesla CEO’s offer to buy the platform.

Although Elon Musk promised not to go back on the deal, it was long before he realized that something was wrong Twitter claims that its spam and fake accounts account for less than 5% of its users.

It suspended the acquisition, then later clarified that it would back out of the deal if Twitter did not accurately describe the number of spam, fake and bot accounts using its platform.

Twitter sued Elon Musk, and now Elon Musk is fighting back Twitter.

Elon Musk strikes back on Twitter

Reuters reported that Elon Musk counterattacked Twitter on Friday, adding that the 164-page document was not publicly available.

The lawsuit was filed hours after Chancellor Kathaleen McCormick of the Delaware Court of Chancery ordered a trial on Oct. 17.

Luigi Crispo, a Twitter shareholder with 5,500 shares in the company, also sued Elon Musk on Friday. Crispo wants the court to order Elon Musk to enter into the Twitter deal and find he breached his fiduciary duty to Twitter shareholders.

He also wants the court to award damages for the losses. According Reuters, Elon Musk owes a fiduciary duty to Twitter shareholders by virtue of his 9.6% stake in Twitter. And also because the buyout deal allows ElonMusk to veto many of Twitter’s decisions.

The silver lining

Although there really isn’t much of a silver lining for Twitter or Elon. Trials are not an ideal source of joy for many parties involved in them – at least, I don’t think they are.

However, I feel like the lawsuit brings to the fore some of the issues that many people on Twitter face. Like the shadow ban.

This has happened to a few people (including Teslarati!) on Twitter. In many cases, a user will tweet but that tweet will not show up in searches.

And if they reply to a tweet or like that tweet, Twitter hides it. In my tweet below, I shared a thread full of screenshots and video evidence of what’s going on for Teslarati.

Twitter has four types of bans:

  1. Prohibition of search suggestions.
  2. Search prohibition.
  3. Ban ghosts.
  4. Response deboosted.

Fortunately, the ban on Teslarati is up, although for a while there there was a back and forth for a few days after Elon replied to my tweet.

It shouldn’t need a response from Elon Musk for Twitter to remove bans on real accounts. It’s not fair to Elon Musk or the users who are silenced by Twitter.

I also noticed that there were fewer bots since the start of the trial. However, I noticed that there were fewer engagements and I’m not the only one noticing this.

Whether or not these are directly or indirectly caused by the ongoing legal saga, no one knows. But we notice.

One thing we can count on is that this trial will reveal a lot.

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Elon Musk strikes back on Twitter

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