Jaguars Day 5 training camp observations: Travon Walker looks set for pads

It was more eventful jaguarsTraining Camp No. 5 on Saturday morning. The team donned shoulder pads for the first time since camp opened on Monday and the players seemed to give a little more juice.

Still, it looked more like the calm before the storm with full pads due to be donned on Sunday, a chance for players, coaches, media and fellow spectators to catch a glimpse of what the team really has as they chase his way to the regular season.

Prior to practice, Jaguars head coach Doug Pederson hosted the Jacksonville Episcopal School football team, who were on hand for the day’s viewing.

The Jaguars, of course, used one of the team’s training grounds to do their own thing throughout training camp.

Shortly after, Jaguars defensive coordinator Mike Caldwell met the media for the second time during camp, providing an update on what he saw from his players and the anticipation of the pads to continue on Sunday. . He said he was “satisfied so far” with what the defense has been able to do, doing a good job with the team’s attack.

Thursday, Jacksonville’s defense stood out, especially during red zone exercises. They held quarterback Trevor Lawrence to little while getting one interception and a few pass breakups.

“It was good work. We are here with the attack and the attack gives us different looks and we give them different looks. All it does is competition makes us better as a team,” Caldwell said of the team’s defensive performance in the red zone on Thursday.

“That’s what we’re here to do. Here to improve as a team, so we’re here, we’re going to ask for a certain perspective on the attack. They will ask us for a certain coverage or a certain look and we will give it to them. So let’s just try to improve each other.

Here are the observations from today’s practice:

The defense continues to shine

In Saturday’s session, the Jaguars played a little differently. Instead of the starters clashing with the starters, the offensive starters clashed with the second team defense, and vice versa. It led to some interesting matchups but still ended with the defense looking like the better of the two groups for much of the day.

On several occasions, the Jaguars’ starting defense stifled the second team’s offense, leaving them no room to run and barely any time to kick the ball.

Although the second-team defense was outmatched by the first-team offense (as it should be), there were still a few strengths in the group. On one particular occasion, third-year linebacker Rashod Berry managed to make a huge play in the offensive backfield, stopping the momentum before it could even begin.

Defensive tackle Jay Tufele and cornerback Benji Franklin were among the most notable players from the early days of camp. Franklin made several plays on the ball and managed to secure the side’s second interception, a pick six thrown by backup QB Jake Luton.

Tufele, entering his second season, has been one of the most consistent DL players on the team, capable of causing a penetration and stopping a run in his tracks.

Starting safety Rayshawn Jenkins ended practice on a high note, laying the pole vault for RB substitute Mekhi Sargent – a preview of what’s to come when the full pads fall into place on Sunday.

Jawaan Taylor, Foley Fatukasi among those shortlisted

The Jaguars had a few bumps and bruises in their first days of camp, and that included today with several players running out of time. Right tackle Jawaan Taylor was kept out of practice for the second day in a row, also missing Thursday’s practice, working with coaches on the sidelines.

Other players who ran out of time today included defensive tackle Foley Fatukasi, offensive lineman Jared Hocker, linebacker Devin Lloyd and running back James Robinson. Robinson, of course, is still coming full speed ahead, while Lloyd has no timetable for a return from his hamstring injury.

Fatuksai is one of the team’s strongest assets in the middle of defence. In his place was a mix of third-year DT DaVon Hamilton and Malcom Brown. All defensive linemen will rotate throughout camp and the season.

With Taylor out, sophomore tackle Walker Little took all the shots at the right tackle, much needed work for a player who has yet to play on the right side in live game action.

Lawrence posts a solid outing

It was kind of a rebound day for Lawrence after struggling to advance anything in the red zone on Thursday.

On Saturday, Lawrence looked calm and poised, able to fire off several shots under pressure, including a deep shot on Marvin Jones Jr., who was able to get behind the defense for what likely would have been a long touchdown. Lawrence placed the ball exactly where it needed to be.

Lawrence would complete 13 of 19 passes with multiple drops on the day. The most egregious fall came from the free agent signing’s tight end Evan Engram, who dropped what would have been a wide-opening touchdown in the team’s two-minute situation.

Receiver Christian Kirk made a few good plays in the middle, making a solid catch with a ball thrown just behind him.

Travon Walker looks ready for pads

For days, the Jaguars defensive line couldn’t really do much, having to hold back a bit until the pads clicked. They were a bit more active in the shoulder pads today, which seems to have unlocked something about OLB rookie Travon Walker, the team’s first pick in this year’s draft.

Walker stood out in a big way on Saturday, able to make what would have been several plays in the offensive backfield. At one point, Walker completely collapsed his side of the line of scrimmage, giving the team’s offensive line and running back no room to work.

Walker will be the player to watch on Sunday as the team gets full pads and defensive/offensive line one-on-ones begin.

After practice, Fatukasi gave BigCatCountry his first impressions of the OLB rookie, describing him as a “sponge.”

“Sponge. He absorbs everything. He works his cock. He asks the questions [of] older guys,” he said. “And as long as he keeps that mindset, he’s going to be there for a while. As long as he keeps applying, which I feel he’s going to do. But he’s a sponge. He’s learning as much as he [can]and he applies it.

On Wednesday, Walker raised the possibility of putting the pads back on.

“I’m really ready to get into leggings now because I’ve been without leggings for so long, since the national championship, and to finally really hit somebody and be as physical as possible. I’m ready to get back to it,” he said.

Well, if the last two days are any indication, Sunday should be a treat.

To note:

It looks like the Jaguars have established their starting inside offensive line, at least in the center. Rookie center Luke Fortner took 100 percent of the team’s first-team reps, while Tyler Shatley took the vast majority of first-team reps at left guard. Although third-year OL Ben Bartch got a few reps in the position, it doesn’t look like Shatley will lose much of his hold.

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