Kansas Abortion Amendment Election Results on Value Them Both Vote

A Shawnee County resident casts her ballot for the primary election Tuesday morning at Heritage Hall.

Kansas voters rejected the so-called Value Them Both constitutional amendment, according to the Associated Press.

The Topeka Capital-Journal will provide reaction and analysis as soon as we have it.

Voter turnout in Kansas has been extremely high, with the Kansas Secretary of State’s office having already announced that it will squash its projected turnout of 36%.

Secretary of State Scott Schwab told reporters that turnout could rival the 2008 general election, when President Barack Obama was on the ballot. This election had about 60% turnout.

“Voter engagement is very high,” he said.

Interest was high in the amendment that could change the future of post-Roe abortion access for the state and region.

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Results: 2022 Kansas Constitution Amendment on Abortion

Years of work by abortion advocates culminates today as voters check “yes” or “no” on a proposed constitutional amendment that could give Kansas lawmakers virtually unlimited authority to regulate the procedure.

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