Apple has “started recording” its September virtual event, where it is expected to announce the next one iPhone 14 range, the Apple Watch Series 8and a new “rugged” Apple Watch model, according to Bloomberg’s Marc Gurman.

cooking event september 2020
Writing in his last Power-Up BulletinGurman says the event, which is expected to take place in early September, is already in production, implying that Apple is planning another pre-recorded virtual event.

Some might have hoped that Apple would take over all in-person events for its headliner iPhone launch this year, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Apple held a mostly digital WWDC event in June, but had a limited in-person crowd at apple park to watch the pre-recorded keynote and have hands-on time with new products.

Gurman says Apple may plan to hold two events this fall, similar to past years. The September event will focus on the new ‌iPhone‌ and Apple Watch, while the second event in October will focus on Mac and iPad.

Apple has a long list of products it aims to launch this fall, so it’s no surprise that we could see two happening in the coming months. Along with the new iPhones and Apple Watch, Apple also plans to announce a new iPad Prothe second generation AirPods Proand more.

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