Key Moments From Donald Trump’s CPAC Speech As Critic Calls It ‘Scary’

Former president donald trump spoke for nearly two hours as he wrapped up the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday.

In his address, he described a country that has been destroyed since he left office and outlined the steps Republicans should take if they regain control of Congress in November.

He denounced the inclusion of transgender athletes in women’s sports teams and reiterated calls for drug traffickers to get the death penalty and homeless people moved to tent cities.

Trump’s speech was “unapologetic fascism,” Texas Monthly editor Michael Hardy said in a tweet.

“This may be the most chilling speech I have ever heard,” Hardy wrote, adding that he indicated the former president’s rhetoric was “significantly more extreme than a few years ago.” .

However, not everyone agreed. Mark Pukita, a Republican who ran for Senate in Ohio this year, said Trump was naming a “list of what Americans want.”

Here, Newsweek summarized some key moments from the former president’s speech.

Former President Donald Trump speaks at CPAC
Former U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during the CPAC Conservative Political Action Conference held at the Hilton Anatole on August 6, 2022 in Dallas, Texas.
Brandon Bell/Getty Images

“America is on the brink”

Trump began his speech by stating that the United States “is destroyed more from within than from without.”

“America is on the brink and our movement is the only force on earth that can save it,” he said. “What we do in the coming months and years will determine with the collapse or failure of American civilization or whether it will frankly triumph and prosper as never before. Now is not the time for complacency.”

He said Republicans must “campaign aggressively, relentlessly and boldly populist.” A priority for the next president, he said, will be to “drain the swamp once and for all and weed out the rogue bureaucrats and eradicate the deep state.”

“Soaked in the blood of innocent victims”

“The streets of our Democratic-run cities are drenched in the blood of innocent victims,” ​​Trump said.

“Shooting rages between bloodthirsty street gangs. Bullets rip through the crowds at random, killing wonderful little beautiful children who never even stood a chance. The carjackers waited like predators hunting their prey.”

Hardy described the comments as “literal blood and dirt rhetoric”.

‘Hold the Biden administration accountable’

November’s midterm elections must be “a national referendum on the horrific radical disasters Democrats inflicted on our country,” Trump said.

The Republican Party ‘must campaign on a clear promise that if they get power, they will fight with everything they have to close the border, stop the crime wave, defeat inflation and hold administration Biden responsible.”

He said task number one for the next Congress and president was to “restore public safety.”

“I felt very strong”

Trump mocked former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony alleging he grabbed the steering wheel of the presidential SUV when the Secret Service refused to let him drive to the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

“How about this bogus story?” said Trump.

He went on to suggest he was flattered that he could take on ‘big and strong’ Secret Service agents, referring to Hutchinson’s testimony that Trump had pounced on the Special Service agent. Bobby Engel secrets.

“I didn’t know if I should be honored because I felt so strong,” he said.

“We will exclude men from women’s sport”

“We will keep men out of women’s sports,” Trump said, before bringing on stage Riley Gaines, a University of Kentucky swimmer who has criticized transgender swimmer Lia Thomas.

“Just to show you how ridiculous this is, look at me. I am much taller and much stronger than her. There’s no way she can beat me in swimming. Are we all in agreement?

Trump also said, “No teacher should ever be allowed to teach our children transgender without parental consent.”

“He loved looking at my body”

Trump also bragged about how former White House doctor Ronny Jackson “loved” looking at his body.

“He was a great doctor,” Trump said. “He was an admiral, a doctor and now he’s a congressman. I said, which is better if you have a choice?

“He loved looking at my body. He was so strong, powerful. But he said I was the healthiest president that ever lived. I was the healthiest. I said, I like this guy. “

“Woman Brings Chaos”

Trump took a moment to punch the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosicriticizing his trip to Taiwan.

He said: “Crazy Nancy Pelosi… What was she doing in Taiwan? Everything she touches becomes… I don’t want to say it because I don’t want them to say I used foul language.”

He continued, “I’ve been impeached twice. She’s failed twice. Woman brings chaos. And that’s exactly what’s happening. What’s happened in China, in Taiwan, this happens – she played into their hands because now they have an excuse to do whatever they do.”

Relocate the homeless to “tent cities”

Trump also reiterated his calls for the homeless to be moved to “tent cities” on the outskirts of major US cities.

“It is also time to remove the streets and public spaces from the homeless, drug addicts and dangerously deranged people,” he said.

“The only way to remove homeless encampments and reclaim our city centers is to open up large plots, large tracts of relatively inexpensive land on the outskirts of different cities and bring in professional health, psychiatrists, psychologists and rehab centers specialists and creating tent cities… We need to rehouse the homeless until they can get their lives back.”

Death penalty for drug dealers

Trump also reiterated his calls to impose the death penalty on drug traffickers.

“If you look at countries around the world, the only ones that don’t have a drug problem are those that institute the death penalty for drug traffickers,” he said.

He said that the Chinese President Xi Jinping had told him that his country had no drug problem because it executes drug traffickers after “a speedy trial”.

While acknowledging that “it sounds awful,” Trump said such policies would effectively reduce drug trafficking in the United States.

Bring back ‘stop and frisk’

The “tried and true” strategy of stop and frisk must return, Trump said, referring to the highly controversial police tactic.

“Instead of taking guns from law-abiding Americans, let’s keep them away from violent criminals and career criminals for a change,” he said.

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