A new Xbox Elite controller may have leaked

What do you want to know

  • The Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 is Microsoft’s premium Xbox gamepad with a range of additional features.
  • Recently, I heard that Microsoft might be planning to release some sort of new Elite controller for the 2022 holiday season.
  • Today, a new Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 “White Edition” was unearthed on YouTube, potentially giving us a preview of the next product release.

A short time ago, I understood that there could be some sort of new Xbox Elite controller on the way, slated for the 2022 holiday season. While I haven’t had a huge amount of detail to go beyond that, we may have previewed on Twitter this week.

For those unaware, the Xbox Elite Controller is Microsoft’s premium Xbox gamepad. The current version is the Xbox Elite Series 2 Controllerand it comes with a crazy 40+ hour built-in battery, a powerful and convenient high-quality charging station, four configurable rear paddles, trigger locks for faster activation, and various other features for power users.

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