Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro may have just been through the FCC, ahead of fall launch

Ultra wideband might be limited to Pixel 7 Pro models

Google will announce the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro later this year, and back to I/O teased plans for fall release. After this official preview, we’ve heard a few rumors about what to expect from the hardware that will succeed the Pixel 6 series, but wanted more official information. Before a new phone arrives, we always look forward to the release of its FCC Certification Documentsand it sure looks like that’s exactly what we’re getting now for the Pixel 7 family.


In total, we seem to be looking at four individual devices, with two configurations per model (via 9to5Google) Pixel 7 Pro with sub-6 5G and connectivity appears to be model GP4BC with FCC ID A4RGP4BCwhile the GE2AE model has mmWave connectivity and carries the FCC ID A4RGE2AE.

Interestingly, the documentation lists an additional GFE4J model under that same FCC ID. Back when we were watching Pixel 6 series FCC listings there was a similar mess of overlapping FCC IDs and model numbers, and a matching case like this ended up being the Japanese edition of the handset.

All of these presumptive Pro models support ultra wideband (UWB), a technology Google started using with the Pixel 6 Pro, thanks to features like Nearby Sharing. In February, Google was spotted work on a UWB API to allow third-party applications to access the chip for remote location and other utilities.

FCC documentation also reveals what our Pixel 7 models look like. There’s GVU6C and G03Z5 filed together under FCC ID A4RGVU6Ccomplete with sub-6 5G connectivity, while the GQML3 model carrying the FCC ID A4RGQML3 supports mmWave 5G.

From all of this, we can glean that there are at least four Pixel 7 devices in the pipeline, all of which support Wi-Fi 6E, the new 5G C-band frequency, and NFC:

  • Pixel 7: GVU6C/G03Z5 — sub-6 5G
  • Pixel 7: GQML3: 5G mmWave, UWB
  • Pixel 7 Pro: GP4BC — sub-6 5G
  • Pixel 7 Pro: GE2AE/GFE4J: 5G mmWave, UWB

Google’s preview of the Pixel 7 line revealed minor improvements to the Pixel 6 standard design, such as using a metal camera bar instead of all-glass construction. We know the phones will be powered by a second-generation Tensor chip and we’re looking forward to a few color options: Obsidian (black) and Snow (white) for both, while the Pixel 7 will get a unique lemongrass color, and the Hazel (green) will be limited to Pro. And of course, look for Android 13 on board.

Google frequently likes to announce Pixel phones in October, and while it sometimes changes that, the latest rumor we heard suggests we’re looking at one again. date early October. This time the phones may end up sharing the scene with the Pixel Watch, but it is certain. In addition, another Google device hit the FCC just a day ago, and this could be an upcoming refresh for the Nest Wifi 2019. We could have a very busy fall ahead of us when it comes to new Google hardware.

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