Dr. Oz Explains the Mistakes of Viral Shopping Video “Crudity” – Deadline

For the first time since an old video of him buying raw vegetables went viral, Pennsylvania Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz spoke.

“I’m at Wegner,” Oz says in the video, seemingly mixing up the names of two separate grocery chains, Wegmans and Redner’s. (Signs in the background of the video clearly indicate that he is at Redner’s).

Asked on Newsmax yesterday about his confusion, Oz replied: “I was exhausted. When you’re campaigning 18 hours a day… Look, I got my kids’ names wrong too. I don’t think it’s a measure of someone’s ability to run the Commonwealth.

That gaffe alone may have been just a political glitch, but Oz also used a very sissy word in the video that Pennsylvanians — and most Americans — may not know.

“My wife wants vegetables for a raw meal, right? Oz said as he moved down the aisle and bemoaned the price of the products he collected.

“Guys, it’s $20 for a crudité and that doesn’t include tequila. I mean, it’s outrageous. And we have Joe Biden to thank for that,” he said.

The former talk show host went wild on social media this week for the video, featuring an adversary John Fetterman pointing out that most Pennsylvanians would simply call Oz’s planned meal “a vegetable platter” and leave it at that. Others have suggested that Pennsylvanians might be more inclined to choose a Yuengling six-pack over tequila.

“When I joke about a crudité,” Oz tried to explain on Newsmax, “it’s a way of saying how ridiculous it is to not even be able to put vegetables on a plate in the middle of a campaign” .

He then promised, “We will do whatever we have to do to make sure the people of Pennsylvania respect what we are doing and we will work as hard as we can to solve their problems. That’s what I’ve done all my life. I challenge my adversary: ​​What have you done in your life to make things better for the people of Pennsylvania?

But as Oz spoke to Cruditégate, more virtual storm clouds gathered online.

There was a race critical of Oz — a longtime New Jersey resident who has dual Turkish-American citizenship and was born in Ohio but didn’t have a home in Pennsylvania — who says he used his in-laws’ address to run for the open seat of the Keystone State Senate.

Today, Fetterman posted a video on social media that appears to show Oz, when asked, owning two houses. The video then goes on to allege that he actually owns 10 houses.

According to the Associated Press, Oz himself listed at least 5 houses in the financial disclosure forms he filed this spring. He also listed its advantages between 100 and 400 million dollars.

It’s a huge range, but regardless, it would buy a lot of rawness.

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