Daredevil’s New Scene Revealed in Latest Trailer

She-Hulk: Lawyer continues to build anticipation due to the inclusion of some big names from the Marvel Universe, one of them being Charlie Cox’s Daredevil. Next his long-awaited arrival at Spider-Man: No Coming Homethe man without fear is confirmed to play a role in She-HulkThe first Disney+ release.

While Daredevil has only had a few seconds of screen time so far, it’s quickly made waves across the fandom. The fans saw the first looks at him in costume during the second official She-Hulk trailer which debuted during San Diego Comic-Con 2022, offering just a glimpse of what’s to come between two of Marvel’s most well-known attorneys.

Closer to She-Hulkwhen Disney+ arrived, promos gave fans a full look at Daredevil’s new red and yellow costume, allowing Cox to shine in what will be his first time fully dressed as Daredevil since playing the character on Netflix. Now, with an episode under Marvel’s belt, a new TV commercial has provided another tease about Matt and Jen’s relationship in the MCU going forward.

She-Hulk and Daredevil join forces in new ad

Courtesy of Twitter user @SheHulkSourceMarvel Studios has released a new 10-second TV promo trailer for She-Hulk: Lawyer to Law on Disney+.

In the ad, She-Hulk is seen completely Hulked and wearing her final costume as she tosses a filing cabinet or locker into what appears to be an abandoned, overgrown gym.

She-Hulk spot
marvel studios

She is also seen next to Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock, who makes another appearance in the show’s marketing campaign as he dons his full Daredevil costume next to the titular heroine.

She-Hulk spot
marvel studios

The full promo can be seen below, with Daredevil’s brief scene performing at mark:05:

How close will She-Hulk and Daredevil be?

While Daredevil has been confirmed numerous times to play a role in She-Hulk, there’s still no sign of what that role will actually be alongside Tatiana Maslany’s lead heroine. The only thing said about this role so far is that it will be “different” Netflix showsand with this new publicity, he will start at least one important new relationship with Jen Walters.

The two appear to be in some kind of abandoned gymnasium in Los Angeles, which will likely come after the moment Daredevil jumps up and turns on Jennifer. and shows off her full costume in action. With no signs pointing to the significance of his role, it could come later in the show’s nine-episode run, but there’s a chance critics are keeping his debut under wraps after seeing him in all four. first episodes that came as a screener.

Regardless of how plot details turn out, this announcement only goes on to show that She-Hulk will use Daredevil as best he can after finally getting a chance to use him in Phase 4 of the MCU. It will be the first step towards a greater comeback in 2024 Daredevil: Born AgainCox is now looking to plant his flag in the evolving MCU narrative for the foreseeable future.

Marvel Studios Episode 1 She-Hulk: Lawyer is now streaming on Disney+.

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