Fixer Says R. Kelly Hired Him To Recover Tape Showing Singer ‘With Young Woman Having Sex’ – Rolling Stone

Jurors in R. Kelly’s federal trial in Chicago heard testimony from a repairman and a polygraph test administrator on Tuesday, August 23, as prosecutors tried to show how the disgraced singer and his associates allegedly tried to cover up and to overturn previous allegations and investigations of sexual assault and child pornography.

As the Chicago Grandstand reports, the main prosecution witness today was Charles Freeman, a repairman of sorts, who did merchandise for Kelly in the 90s and later became friends with the singer. According to Freeman, Kelly called him around 2001 with a specific task: “retrieve tapes.”

Freeman said he then heard from one of Kelly’s co-defendants, Derrel McDavid, as well as infamous private investigator Jack Palladino, who both allegedly told Freeman he would get a “reward” if he recovered the video. (Palladino, who worked for Kelly, as well as Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein, deceased after being attacked last February.) Freeman claimed he didn’t know what was on the tape at the time, stating only that McDavid had described it as a “performance tape” and that if Freeman was getting her back, “they’d take care of me.”

In August 2001, Freeman signed a contract stating that he would receive $100,000, plus costs, if he got the tape back. He also testified that McDavid told him he could make $1 million for the job, although McDavid allegedly pointed out, “We need the originals and make sure it’s the evidence tape. real… It would look bad if we gave you a million dollars for a tape and it’s not the tape we want.

As for who had the tapes, Freeman said he was told they were taken by one of Kelly’s ex-girlfriends, Lisa Van Allen, who gave them to people in Atlanta. Freeman said he went to the homes of the people who had the tape and told the woman who answered the door, “I’m here to get the MF tapes you stole from Robert Kelly.”

One of the tapes, Freeman said, showed Kelly “with a young woman having sex” (the other two were a Disney movie and a home video, he said). When asked how old the woman looked to him, Freeman replied, “Young.” He also said he made several copies of this video with blank tapes and a VCR he bought after he got the tapes back.

Freeman testified that he still had copies of the tape as recently as 2019, and only turned them over to authorities, through his attorney, after learning that police were looking for him in connection with Kelly. . When asked why he didn’t immediately turn the tape over to the cops after getting it in 2001, Freeman replied, “Because the police weren’t going to pay me a million dollars.”

As Freeman handed the tape over to McDavid and Palladino, the couple reportedly gave him a lie detector test. Earlier, the jury heard from Lawrence Berkland, a lie detector test administrator, who said a lawyer hired him in August 2001 to interview someone to find out if he had made copies of a certain videotape. Berkland said the man he interviewed refused to give his name and did not cooperate until Berkland told him the attorney who hired him said the subject would receive $200,000. if he passed the test.

During his testimony, Freeman said that after taking his polygraph test, Palladino contacted him and told him he knew he had another tape. Freeman said he gave that tape and received a bag of cash in return.

In addition to retrieving the 2001 tape, Freeman said McDavid contacted him again in late 2003 or early 2004 to retrieve another tape. “Derrell said it was another performance tape, the sex tape is what he described,” Freeman said. “With Lisa Van Allen, Robert and the young lady on tape.” Freeman’s description of the tape reportedly matches the description prosecutors used for Video 4 – the one of four tapes they don’t have and can’t show the jury.

Yesterday August 22, the jury heard crucial testimonies of a woman identified as “Susan”, who is the mother of “Jane”, Kelly’s former goddaughter who claims that Kelly began to sexually abuse her and film this abuse – when she was 14 years old. Jane and her family initially fended off investigators investigating abuse allegations against Kelly in the early 2000s, and Susan even denied it was Jane in the tape during grand jury hearings at the time. But after Jane testified about her own experiences last week, Susan backed up many of her claims – including that it was her in the video – while taking the stand on Monday.

Susan said she lied to the grand jury about the video because “we feared for our lives and were intimidated”. Susan also testified that she felt threatened during a meeting with Kelly and McDavid in the early 2000s, during which the couple allegedly told her that she “had to get out of town right now”, and Kelly reportedly asked him, “Are you with us or are you not?”

“They were going to hurt us if we didn’t do what they told us to do,” Susan testified. “We were scared…we packed up and left town.”

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