Latest shooting in downtown Atlanta: Suspect Raissa Kengne appears in court as police investigate why victims were targeted

Suspect in fatal Midtown Atlanta shooting speaks out after judge asks him to be quiet during court hearing

The woman accused of shooting three people and sending offices into lockdown in the city center Atlanta Monday was denied bail.

Raïssa Kengne appeared in court on Tuesday afternoon charged with assaulting three people with a firearm and killing two, and was sentenced to remain in custody.

The first attack took place at Ms. Kengne’s luxury condo complex, with a second shooting minutes later at an office building four blocks away.

Michael Shinners, 60, a building manager at Ms Kengne’s luxury condo complex, died at the scene, while Wesley Freeman, 41, who appears to have been a former colleague of Ms Kengne’s, later died to the hospital.

While police are still investigating the motive for the shooting, Ms Kengne appears to have made a series of LinkedIn posts and filed a lawsuit accusing Mr Freeman and the managers of his building of conspiracy against her.

Officers said they believe the victims were specifically targeted.


ICYMI: Two victims killed in an attack identified

Michael Shinners, 60, and Wesley Freeman, 41, were identified Monday by the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office as the two victims killed in the shooting this afternoon, according to local media.

Shinners was one of two people shot in an apartment at 1280 West Peachtree Street, while Freeman was shot in another building less than a mile away at 1100 Peachtree Street, Atlanta police said.

The first shooting took place in the management office of the condominium building operated by Beacon Management Services, where Shinners and the third victim, Mike Horne, were employees, according to CBS46.

Here’s what we know about them:


“Please keep quiet ma’am”

Here is a video clip of Raïssa Kengne’s first appearance in court, showing her testy exchange with the judge.

Suspect in fatal Midtown Atlanta shooting speaks out after judge asks him to be quiet during court hearing


Raissa Kengne appears in court

Raissa Kengne was denied bail in his first court appearance in Atlanta.

Sitting in front of a video screen in a government building, wearing a face mask, Ms Kengne listened to the reading of the warrant against her, accusing her of assaulting Michael Shinners, Wesley Freeman and Michael Horne with a gun.

Ms Kengne tried several times to speak up and intervene in the proceedings, but the judge told her to shut up. “Your honor, if I may interject -” she said at one point. “Please remain silent, ma’am,” the judge replied.

Raïssa Kengne during her first court appearance on Tuesday 23 August 2022

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Raïssa Kengne during her first court appearance on Tuesday August 23, 2022

(WSB-TV 2)

The judge then told Ms Kengne that she had sufficient assets or income to not be eligible for taxpayer-funded defense counsel under Georgia law, and that she should immediately hire her own lawyer without “delay or blockage”.[ing]”.

Ms Kengne attempted to protest, saying she had not had the opportunity to discuss the facts of the case with her current lawyer, but was told this would be settled at a later date.

The judge ordered that she remain in custody.


An appeal was reportedly filed by a suspect in the context of a trial

In a lawsuit alleging a conspiracy against her, Raïssa Kengne accused two of her victims and her former employer of “retaliation, persecution, harassment, intimidation, threats, burglary, hacking, phone theft, and other attacks”, according to a version seen by The Independent.

The case, which a judge reportedly dismissed, came after she allegedly pointed to a “significant flaw” in an audit of her former accounting firm that was not considered, WSB-TV reported.

She later accused her condo management company of allowing ‘unauthorized persons’ to enter her apartment as part of the claims and lawsuit and, according to WSB-TV, appealed the judge’s decision. last week.

Lisa Simmons, president of Beacon Management Services, told local media on Tuesday that Ms Kengne was a “disgruntled” resident.


The condition of the third victim remains unknown.

Lisa Simmons, president of Beacon Management Services, told WSB-TV her company employs both Michael Shinners, who died at the scene of the shooting, and Mike Horne, who remains in hospital.

She confirmed Mr Horne was the building’s chief engineer and his current status is unknown.

CBS46 earlier reported that he required surgery as a result of his injuries and was in an intensive care unit, although details are scarce.


The suspect must appear in court

The suspect in Monday’s shooting in Midtown, Atlanta is due in court Tuesday at 4 p.m. local time, according to WSB-TV.

Police have yet to publicly name Raissa Kengne as the woman arrested after shooting three people in a frenzy through Midtown, killing two.

This will be her first court appearance, with CBS46 reporting that she faces charges of murder and aggravated assault.


Authorities release image of suspect

The suspect in Monday’s shooting in Atlanta appeared in an image obtained by WSB-TV, which said on Tuesday he was an official working for the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms fire and explosives (ATF).

Raissa Kengne was arrested by an ATF officer at Atlanta International Airport on Monda before Atlanta police arrived on the scene, the report adds.


ICYMI: Everything we know

While an investigation into Monday’s shooting in downtown Atlanta is still ongoing, here’s everything we know so far about what happened, who the suspect was and why the victims might have been targeted:


Suspect was a ‘disgruntled resident’, condo company says

The suspect in Monday’s Atlanta shooting was a resident of the same condominium building where two employees were shot, killing one and injuring another.

Lisa Simmons, president of the company running 1280 West Peachtree Street, told WSB-TV that Raissa Kengne was a “disgruntled resident of the building,” the outlet reported Tuesday.

Accounts on social media as well as local media had suggested she lived in the building and had targeted condo manager Michael Shinners and chief building engineer Mike Horne, both of whom worked for Beacon Management Services.


Tributes paid to the condominium manager

Friends and residents of the building where 60-year-old Michael Shinners was killed have since paid their respects.

“Micheal Shinners was a building manager above and beyond. He was loved by our community. Today’s events are shocking and he can never be replaced. We are deeply saddened,” resident Brian Hall told CBS46.

“He always had a smile on his face and had a knack for making others smile with his brilliant sense of humor,” former colleague Jennifer Cheek added on Facebook. “He was so kind and lighthearted.”

Another resident of 1280 West Peachtree Street, David Lowery, added: ‘I don’t know the names of these people, but anyone who parks a car here or walks their dog regularly sees them, I certainly know their faces. What a tragedy.”

Reports suggest Shinners was shot along with fellow engineer Mike Horne, who remains hospitalized. The suspect is believed to have targeted the couple, police said.

Michael Shinners, 60, was one of two people killed on Monday morning

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Michael Shinners, 60, was one of two people killed on Monday morning

(Michael Shinners / LinkedIn)

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