Capitol Records Preemptively Cancels Rapper AI Over Racist Lyrics

The robot pianist

The robot pianist “Teotronica”, which is not FN Meka
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Today on “Of Course It Happened”, rapper AI FN Meka made history by becoming the first robot rapper fired by his record company for racist lyrics. The AI-powered cartoon rapper has been accused of offering crude, exploitative and racist portrayals of black life in his lyrics and videos, in addition to using racial slurs, including the N-word.

In a statement, Capitol Records said the company had severed ties with the project “effective immediately.” The company also sent its “deepest apologies to the black community for our insensitivity to signing off on this project without asking enough questions about fairness and the creative process behind it.” It’s as if Capitol Records were so concerned about whether or not someone could create a racist cartoon character that they didn’t stop to think if they had to.

Not that we need to explain what FN Meka is because he is the most famous AI rapper in the world. But for anyone who lives under an NFT of rock, which is just as good and twice as valuable as real rock, Meka was created by Factory New label co-founders Anthony Martini and Brandon Le, a term we assume they borrowed from Counter-Strike. Martini and Le, who presumably programmed this thing to entertain Elon Musk and Elon Musk alone, have been developing this character for years, along with other rappers, including [sigh] small bitcoin. On August 11, they signed a contract with Capitol Records in what was described in a press release as a “world’s first”, as if entering into a contractual agreement with something so stupid was a good and smart thing to do. TO DO.

“Technically speaking, FN Meka is voiced by a human,” Martini said. The music industry around the world. “But everything else about him – from his lyrics to the chords and tempo that underpin his music – is AI-based.” We guess that means they can’t offer any parameters, like not being racist. This is the AI ​​for you.

Martini told the New York Times that Meka was voiced by “a Black”. He argued that this was not a “malicious plan of white executives”, and in a crystal clear distillation of NFT brain rot, he said that “it’s literally no different from managing of a human artist, except it’s digital”. Moreover, putting the whole matter to bed, Martini told the Time that Meka was “actually one of the most diverse teams you can get – I’m the only white person involved”.

While this thing has more than 10 million followers on TikTok and comes from one of the most diverse teams you can get, it didn’t take long for Meka and its creators to come under fire. Earlier today, the activist non-profit Industry Black tweeted a statementcalling Meka a “direct insult to the black community and our culture”.

They wrote: “This digital effigy is a negligent and disrespectful abomination to real people in the face of real consequences in everyday life. For instance, Gunna, a black artist who appears on a song with FN Meka, is currently incarcerated for rapping the same type of lyrics that this robot mimics. The difference is that your artificial rapper will not face federal charges for it.

The group demands “that this partnership be terminated, that a formal apology be issued, that FN Meka be removed from all platforms” and that “all monies spent by Capitol Records and Factory New on this project be allocated to charities that directly support black youth in the arts. .”

FN Meka had a few hits, including “Internet” and “Moonwalking”. But they don’t do it justice. People need to see this thing glorified Fortnite dances.

FN meka robot rapper

Oh man, so cool. And what about this video of FN Meka in his “hibachi Rolls Royce” which he calls “at-bashi. A cartoon XXXtentacion on a date with an AI woman he doesn’t respect? If that doesn’t blow Meka’s Discord server, what will?

Name a rapper who has a Rolls Royce hibachi like me 🤔

Of course, how could we forget this timely video of August 2022 of Meka slicing up an Xbox Series X to reveal that, yes, it’s piece of cake! Remember this meme? FN Meka did.

What is the Xbox made of? 🤔◼️🟩 #xboxseriesx #ninja #cake

There is also a video of Meka almost gets eaten by a giant Roomba which was posted a day before the contract was signed and has almost a million views, which is pretty good. However, the video of Meka descending from a the blue Bugatti jet has over 35 million views. Apologies to Bugatti fans, but the Roomba video is much better

God, that sucks. We hope this will be the last of those sorts of things and that record companies will go back to having real artists create fictional acts, like The Archies or Gorillaz. Sadly, we suspect this isn’t the last we hear of AI rappers.

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