The husband of Nancy Pelosi pleads guilty to an accusation of conduct with weakened faculties and is sentenced to 5 days in prison

House tenant Nancy Pelosi’s husband pleaded guilty An accusation of Dui in California on Tuesday and was sentenced to five days in prison – although it is unlikely to serve more time behind bars, the authorities said.

Paul Pelosi, 82, pleaded guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol causing injuries, the office of the County of Napa said in a statement.

He was sentenced to five days in prison and three years of probation following an accident on May 28 in the county of Napa, north of San Francisco.

Pelosi was not in court on Tuesday and his lawyer pleaded guilty in his name.

The offense did not require the presence of the accused unless they were ordered by the judge, and Pelosi “was not ordered by the court to appear personally”, according to the prosecutor’s declaration.

Pelosi has already served two days and received two additional days of credit, said assistant Da Paul Gero to NBC News in a statement.

This leaves one more day to serve, and the judge of the Superior Court of the county of Napa, Joseph Solga, said that he could be served as part of a work program approved by the court, said Gero.

In addition, as part of his probation, Pelosi must “immediately register, pay and successfully finish a license program for 3 months”, according to the DA Declaration, and pay nearly $ 7,000 in fines.

It will also be limited, for a year, to drive a car equipped with an anti -scarler which would force him to provide a breath of breath before the start of the engine, the prosecutors said.

A blood sample taken after the collision revealed that Pelosi had a blood alcohol level of 0.082%, according to prosecutors had said. The legal limit in California is 0.08 %.

The accident occurred at 10:26 pm on the last Saturday in May while Pelosi crossed the Route 29 state in Oakville not formed in a company, and the Porsche 2021 that he was driving was hit by a 2014 Jeep, according to a collision report California Highway Patrol.

Amanda Bevins, lawyer for Pelosi, refused to comment.

A few hours after legal action on Tuesday, California Highway Patrol published video sequences from the arrest, showing Pelosi fighting to maintain his balance while the agents weighed their options with their “high level” suspect.

While Pelosi learns that he is stopped and that he will be subject to a blood test, he asked questions about the procedures.

“I will chat with my supervisors to see what they are ready to do simply because we know that you are a high level person,” we could hear an officer tell him in the images of the Dashcam.

During a sobriety test on the ground that asked Pelosi to get off one foot, standing on the other and counting, the motorist could not do it without keeping his hands on the CHP vehicle.

“You can’t hang on to the patrol car,” said the officer in Pelosi. “It goes against the whole objective of the test.”

The officer then said to Pelosi to stop: “From what I see, I do not feel comfortable being carried out. I do not want you to have the potential to fall and you hurt.”

Pelosi said he lived in a short distance and just wanted to go home, but the officer explained his duty to pass these tests and possibly carry out an arrest.

“You must understand from my point of view, you are involved in an accident, I feel an alcohol smell from your breath (and) I can see that your feet are very unstable,” said the officer patiently. “So you see where does it worry?”

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