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There wasn’t a dry eye in the house because Ben Affleck50, and Jennifer Lopez, 53, exchanged vows at their romantic wedding on Aug. 20. The wedding, which took place at Ben huge 87 acre estate in Georgiawere accompanied by their families and close friends, including Kevin Smith and Jason Mews (Smith and Mewes notably worked with the couple during their first romance in the early 2000s on jersey girl).

“I was crying like an old woman at a wedding…like my mother at a wedding,” Kevin told Additional TV August 24. “Honestly, like, one of the most romantic moments of my life, and it wasn’t even my romantic moment,” he shared. Ben and J.Lo’s wedding was officiated by a friend (and internet guru) Jay Shetty on the property the Oscar-winning actor bought while the couple was on vacation initial commitment from 2002 to 2004.

“He’s one of my favorite writers on the planet,” Kevin also told the outlet. “So I got to hear Ben at his most eloquent, who wasn’t trying to entertain. Most of us writers are always thinking of an audience to entertain… This guy wrote vows, they all have the two wrote vows for each other, and they were painfully beautiful. I tell you, this marriage would have made the most diehard cynics believe in true love. It was exquisite. It was Incredibly well done, very classy and all that, but emotional as hell. I cried the whole time.” Mewes felt the same way, calling their Riceboro wedding “spectacular.”

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez share an intimate moment on their wedding day in Georgia. (BACKGROUND GRID)

“It was quite spectacular and it was nice to be invited because it was a big wedding, but it was small,” he shared. “I didn’t cry like Kevin. It was funny because he was in front of me, and I swear every time he watched them in the aisle while they were, you know, doing the thing, I see tears flowing . It was pretty hot there and they gave you these fans on your seat, and Kevin kept erasing it, trying to hide it.

Kevin specifically directed jersey girlwho is often nicknamed the “forgotten” Bennifer movie after Lilies. The first was released after the couple’s dramatic split in 2004, which led Kevin to cut a wedding sequence in the film from the released version. When J.Lo revealed she was wearing a “dress from an old movie” at marry Ben in Las Vegas just a few weeks ago, fans were quick to deduce that the never-before-seen Alexander McQueen the number must come from jersey girl.

Kevin added of his friends, “You’re looking at two people who worked really hard to make their love happen and to stick the landing and close the circle”, before sharing a bit of his experience working with them in 2003 .

“I was with them when they started the journey, a long time ago jersey girl… so I’ve seen it many times over the course of nearly 30 years,” Smith added. “I met him in 1995 when we were auditioning for Mallrats, so I’ve known Ben for about 27 years at this point and I’ve seen him be very happy. We’ve all seen him win an Oscar with Mast [Damon] for Goodwill hunting at the time. Take all of his happy moments you’ve ever seen… combine them, and you still don’t hit the beaming glow on the man’s face when he stood at the top of the aisle and Jennifer walked towards him.

Other guests present included Matt, of course, his wife Lucianaas good as Matt’s brother Kyleand friends George Clooney, Renee Zellweger and Jane Fonda. Jen goes back a long way with Clooney, having worked with him on 1998 Out of sightas she co-starred with Jane in 2005 monster in law. Ben and Renee have also known each other for decades, initially connecting in 1993 Dazed and confusedwhere Kevin first spotted Ben before 1995 Mallrats.

Jennifer stunned in three Ralph Lauren dresses for her big day, including a take on the designer classic turtleneck column dress with a ruffled train skirt. She then changed to a gorgeous beaded dress, followed by one with a shimmering keyhole cutout – the latter two presumably for the reception. The wedding itself was planned by Colin Cowie by Colin Cowie Lifestyle and had both an old Hollywood and a rustic theme.

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