Olivia Wilde contradicts Florence Pugh’s sex scene complaints

Last week, Florence Pugh expressed his discomfort how his next film, don’t worry darlingis marketed.

The Oscar nominee said she’s not in the acting industry to be reduced to appearing in a sex scene, with much of the publicity surrounding the psychological thriller stemming from her on-screen relationship with his co-star, Harry Styles.

Both actors play married couple Alice and Jack in the film, which is set in the 1950s, and viewers were blown away by the inclusion of an incredibly hot sex scene in the very first trailer for the film in May.

In the clip, Harry’s Jack and Florence’s Alice enjoy a steamy makeout session before Jack pushes his wife onto the kitchen table and gives her a blowjob.

The film’s director, Olivia Wilde, previously said that this moment was a priority for her in the film because she wanted her audience “to realize how rarely they see female hunger, and specifically this type of female pleasure”.

But Olivia’s leading lady seems to have a totally different view, and people thought Florence was calling out Olivia when she criticized the film’s over-sexualization during a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar.

“When it’s down to your sex scenes, or watching the most famous man in the world go down on someone, that’s not what we’re doing it for,” she told the publication. “That’s not why I’m in this industry.”

“Obviously the nature of hiring the most famous pop star in the world, you’re going to have conversations like that,” Florence added in reference to Olivia’s boyfriend Harry. “That’s just not what I’m going to discuss because [this movie is] bigger and better than that. And the people who did it are bigger and better than that.

Just days after the publication of Florence’s interview, Variety posted her own profile of Olivia which reinforced just how different the two actors’ perspectives are.

In fact, the very first paragraph of Olivia’s interview highlighted her pride in seeing her female character cum on screen in don’t worry darling.

“Men don’t come in this movie,” she told Variety. “There are only women here!”

“Female pleasure, the best versions you see of it these days, are in queer movies,” Olivia said. “Why are we more comfortable with female pleasure when it’s two women in one film? In straight sex scenes in film, the focus on men as recipients of pleasure is almost ubiquitous.

And she continued to focus on the movie’s sex scenes as the conversation progressed, where she directly contradicted Florence’s comments by saying they were actually “integral” to the story.

“It’s about immediacy and extreme passion for each other. The impractical nature of their sex speaks to their fierce desire for each other,” Olivia explained. “I think it’s integral to the story itself and how the audience is meant to connect with it. My early conversations with the actors were about how the audience should buy into the fantasy.

Olivia first started drawing attention to don’t worry darlingThe December 2021 sex scenes, 10 months after filming wrapped.

At the time, she said vogue that his goal was to make the sex scenes good again with this project. She also said she wanted to emphasize how “incredibly bawdy” the 50s could be.

“I kept saying, ‘Why isn’t there good sex in movies anymore?

And when the trailer was praised for passing”the clitoris testshe couldn’t hide her pride, reposting Clit Test’s Instagram post celebrating her for “showing how it’s done” and adding, “We love @clit.test!”

But their differing views on the movie’s sex scenes are far from the only reason people suspect there’s tension between Florence and Olivia.

When she was first cast in the film in 2020, Florence was open about how horny she was working with the director, whom she called her “idol”.

At the time, actor Shia LaBeouf was set to play Jack, and Florence shared a screenshot announcing her involvement on her Instagram page alongside a lengthy caption that read, “@oliviawilde just tagged me in a photo *gasp no.1* @oliviawilde cast me in a movie *gasp no.2* @oliviawilde is my idol and let me be part of this fucking amazing cast Shiite?!? Chris?!? *gasp n °3*”

“I can’t wait to join this project when this is all over,” she continued, referring to the COVID-19 pandemic. “Until then, hide. Put on gloves. Stay at home. Read script 17000 because… you know… it’s @oliviawilde!! # don’t worry honey.

But by the time filming wrapped in February 2021, Florence’s approach to social media had changed dramatically, with her marking the end with a selection of behind-the-scenes photos.

Olivia was notably absent from the impossibly long caption of Florence which praised various cast members for their roles in the film.

The British actor also promoted don’t worry darling much less than her other projects, and although she’s usually active and vocal on social media, she simply wrote, “‘Not everyone gets this opportunity…’ Not long now! Only in theaters September 23 #dontworrydarling” when she shared her first Instagram post of 2022 about the film. The post came just five days before her interview for Harper’s Bazaar was published.

And speaking of which, when Olivia posted Florence’s magazine cover to her Instagram story and offered her congratulations on the interview, Florence didn’t repost it. However, she ostensibly reposted her co-star Gemma Chan’s similar post, as well as that of fashion designer Harris Reed.

It wasn’t the first time Florence ignored Olivia on Instagram, as she failed to acknowledge Olivia’s tribute to her in July with the caption, “Watching this woman work was a fucking thrill!” I can’t wait to show you more. @florencepugh.

Variety also revealed that Florence refused to speak to them as part of Olivia’s profile.

As a result, there has been a lot of speculation about what happened between Florence and Olivia from April 2020 to February 2021.

In addition to their obvious disagreement on don’t worry darlingIn the sex scenes, Olivia’s relationship with Harry was also said to be a factor.

Sources have previously claimed that Florence was “uncomfortable“with the way the new couple were ‘on top of each other on set’ during filming, it was also suggested that Florence”had to lead partsof the film accordingly.

Shortly after filming wrapped, Olivia sparked a backlash when she shared a gushing Instagram post that praised Harry for being willing to take on a supporting role in a ‘female-directed’ film.

Many saw this as an example of men getting a pat on the back for doing the bare minimum, with journalist Roisin O’Conner summarizing at the time: “It’s weird that she thinks someone with a project of acting released where he had a minor role deserves such a round of applause for conceding the lead role to a literally Oscar-nominated actor.

It’s weird that she thinks someone with an acting project released where he had a minor role deserves such a round of applause for conceding the lead to a literally Oscar-nominated actor https://t.co /wkNhb8hHLz

Twitter: @Roisin_OConnor

Despite the scrutiny, Olivia reiterated that stance in her new interview, where she celebrated Harry for being “such a huge supporter of [Florence’s]as someone who understood that it was his film.

Meanwhile, Florence has an established reputation for using her social media page to address rumors or respond to negative and false reports.

She spoke out more than once after her relationship with ex-boyfriend Zach Braff has been examinedand in May she closed reports that she was go out with her friend Will Poulter.

Last month, Florence used her online profile to respond to the “vulgarcomments about her body following her appearance at a Valentino fashion show.

As a result, people think Florence’s silence on the rumors about her and Olivia’s professional relationship as speculation continues to grow is incredibly telling.

Representatives for Olivia and Florence did not respond to BuzzFeed News’ request for comment.

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