Anti-trans message by Jason Aldean’s wife, Angers Maren Morris

Finally, it’s clear there’s one thing you’re even less likely to see on a show by a country superstar. Jason’s side only a mask: a rainbow flag.

The country superstar and his wife Brittany Aldean have grown increasingly outspoken as conservative activists, without too much comment or denial from more centrist or liberal country stars. But when Brittany Aldean posted what was widely seen as a transphobic joke on her Instagram account, Pope Cassadee so what Maren Morris jumped in to defend the LGBTQ+ community – which then led to a war of words with another conservative Nashville celebrity, Candace Owens.

The exchanges became controversial enough that Morris said, presumably speaking to Brittany Aldean: “It’s so easy, like, not to be a human scumbag? Sell ​​your clips and zip them up, Barbie Insurrection. Brittany replied, “Karen Morris, thanks for calling me Barbie,” which she sealed with a kiss emoji.

The fracas began with Brittany Aldean posting an Instagram video of herself glamorous in the makeup chair, laughing, with a supposedly joking caption: “I would really like to thank my parents for not changing my sex when I went through my tomboy phase. I love this girl life. (Ironically, the soundtrack to the video was “Upgrade U,” a very trans-friendly song by Beyonce.)

Although the comment was quickly picked up and tweeted by some fans in more liberal countries as offensive, on Aldean’s IG account, where comments are restricted, it garnered many positive comments from supporters who clearly viewed the joke as political. , like the daughter of Donald Trump. -mother-in-law Lara Trump, as well as right-wing beauty influencer Amanda Ensing, country singers RaeLyn and Whitney Duncan, wives of country singers Jon Pardi, Chuck Wicks and Granger Smith. Jason Aldean also replied to his wife: “Lmao!! I’m glad they didn’t too, because you and I wouldn’t have worked.

But Pope didn’t have it. Without naming or tagging the Aldeans, she tweeted, “You’d think celebrities with cutie marks would see the benefits of including LGBTQ+ people in their posts. But instead, we hear someone compare their “tomboy phase” to someone wanting to transition. Really nice.

Morris then responded by supporting Pope’s views. That’s when Owens, the conservative activist and talk show host who moved to Nashville a few years ago, stepped in, writing to Morris: “It’s easier not to castrate your children. But I guess anything that helps sell bad records.

“Oh my god, not you,” Morris replied to Owens. “My Grammy is sobbing positively right now. Also why are you always going to ‘castration’ and ‘pedophiles’ to try and end an argument? This is honestly concerning and worth looking into. Owens stepped up his counterattack, quoting the Grammy remark and responding, “You look like a 15-year-old girl on Tik-Tok. You’re in your 30s. Growing up.” And: “When you cut off a penis, that’s the literal definition of castration… Also, I said groomers – not paedophiles. Do you have anything else in mind that you want to share with the class, sick?”

The Aldeans aren’t active on Twitter, but Brittany posted an image of Morris and Pope’s Twitter takedowns of her comment on her Instagram with the caption “Karen Morris, thanks for calling me Barbie.”

Although most mainstream country artists stayed away from the row, artists from other genres also took to the stage, such as Joy Oladokun, a black and gay American artist who performed at the Grand Ole Opry. “Waking up happy my parents didn’t raise me to be as rude and mean as Brittany Aldean,” Oladokun posted, waving a peace sign and adding, “Also would like to say that LGBTQ people have the clearer skin without whatever it grows”. .”

This is not the first time the Aldeans have annoyed non-right wing segments of the rural community. In addition to their support for Trump, Jason Aldean virtually declared his concerts mask-free zones as the pandemic began to wane, and the couple developed a clothing line in which their young children modeled “Hidin’ From Biden” shirts.

Morris referenced the Aldeans’ politicized children’s clothing line in a response to an IG post from Pope. “You know, I’m glad she didn’t turn into a boy either because we really don’t need another asshole in the world,” Morris wrote. “It sucks when the Karens try to hide their homophobia/transphobia behind their ‘child protection.’ Didn’t they put their kids in ‘Biden-is-a-pedo’ shirts on social media? Sounds like a really safe way to protect them from millions of eyes! Fuck you till Barbie Uprising and the other IBs hanging around this comment section with their hypocritical, hateful asses.

Other country stars lined up to add their likes or supportive comments to Pope and Morris’ posts, including Mickey Guyton, Meghan Linsey and top manager Jason Owen.

Pope’s latest Instagram post had him smiling against a London backdrop and writing, “POV: knowing you stepped into the shoes of someone you didn’t like in the first place.”

On Saturday, Morris responded to a tweet that basically told him and Pope not to get involved in politics. “A lot of confusing fights and public blows in the CMA world right now between women over politics,” the original commenter wrote, tagging the two singers. “There are, from what we’ve always known, enough barriers for all women in country music. Maybe put the phone down and focus on the guitar. I’m just saying. Morris pointedly replied, “If that confuses you, it’s because you think we’re ‘fighting’ for politics. Were not. It’s not political. We call someone out because they’re transphobic and think it’s hilarious. This is not the case.

Morris’ husband Ryan Hurd, another country singer-songwriter, took to his account to agree with her on Saturday – and say there were no regrets for being outspoken.

“Scoring quick points by going after trans kids isn’t brave at all,” Hurd wrote. “And I’m proud that Maren stands up for them… Shut up and sing only applies to those you disagree with… Getting a lot of people to tell me our career is over, like if the last time she talked about something, gone. Honestly, we’re pretty good here. Touring is good, we have a 2 year old daughter that we love, we’re fine, and I promise she won’t don’t shut up now.

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