‘The Invitation’ Box Office Opener Leads Horribly Slow Weekend – The Hollywood Reporter

August’s scorching days can always lead to a slowdown in cinema, but this year is horribly bad.

If estimates hold, Sony The invite will limp to No. 1 nationwide with an opening in the $6-7 million range after grossing $2.6 million on Friday from 3,114 theaters.

The most successful horror film among young women was widely panned by critics, despite earning a C CinemaScore from audiences (it’s actually not unusual for horror fare to get a C grade).

george millerthe new movie Three thousand years of nostalgia, which had a stellar world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, opened to $1.2 million on Friday from 2,436 venues for an expected weekend of around $3 million for seventh place. The MGM and United Artists Releasing title had intended to open in far fewer theaters as it is more of a specialty title than a mainstream offering, but theater operators have urged the UAR to let the film be booked due to a lack of overall product.

Bleecker Street Specialty Film Breakup chose to launch in 902 locations. Projections show John Boyega’s thriller debuting under $1 million for a potential 15th place finish.

Back in the top 10, Sony High-speed train is expected to come in second with around $5.5 million, followed by Top Gun: Maverick Where Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes with a projection of $5 million each.

Top Gun: Maverick now ranks 9th on the all-time list of highest-grossing films, not adjusted for inflation. Nationally, it will end Sunday with more than $690 million in ticket sales.

Dragon Ball Super is eyeing a steep drop of 75% or more after topping the leaderboard last weekend with a impressive $20.1 million.

The beastalso with Elba, should complete the top five of the box office this weekend with an estimated $4.3 million.

The weekend’s overall domestic box office gross is expected to be $54 million, the worst since February. Additionally, the weekend is down more than 16% from the same frame in 2021, when the COVID-19 delta variant was much more of an issue in terms of cinema. The same weekend last year, the horror photo candy man debuted at $22 million, while free guy remained a solid earner in its third weekend with $13.2 million.

Exhibitors have been preparing for a parched August schedule after a string of high-profile studio releases this spring and summer. The drought – due, at least in part, to post-production delays – will continue into September and the first part of October.

The mega-circuit Cineworld cites the pressures of slowing content as one of the reasons why it is prepares to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the United States, where it operates Regal Cinemas. Wall Street analysts and others counter that debt-free theater chains, like Cineworld, are in a much better position to weather the current circumstances.

Box office estimates will be updated Sunday morning.

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