iPhone 14 Pro Max price increase explained by leaked ultra-wide camera specs

Apart from the main Camera iPhone 14 Pro sensor, Apple should upgrade the ultra-wide camera of the Pro models, advises a reputable analyst Ming Chi Kuoand this time it gives the exact specs.
We’ve heard from sources other than the ultra-wide cameras of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are also getting an upgrade, but weren’t sure how – sensor size, pixel size, or pixel count. Well, thanks to the ever-watchful Mr. Kuo and his supply chain sources, we now know that Apple is preparing a real camera kick for its Pro line fans.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max ultra-wide camera specs

Instead of the current 12MP ultra-wide camera sensor with 1-micron pixels, Apple will equip the 14 Pro models with a sensor with 40% larger pixels, allowing it to collect significantly more photons in the same low light scenario. than his predecessor the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max.
Coupled with quadrupling the camera resolution of the main iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max cameras to 48MP, likely to introduce 8K video capture capabilities that require at least a 33MP sensor size, Apple will differentiate the Pro models in a way quite significant.
For those wondering why Apple is applying the “salami” incremental upgrade tactic instead of releasing all unfathomable new stuff in a single edition like the Android flagship does, that’s never been Apple’s style. Apple.

Cupertino bean counters like to wait for expensive tech to drop in price and prove itself on other phones before rushing in, tweaking it to their liking, and unleashing the marketing team on it until it becomes the talk of the town. Apple has half the American public locked out as customers anyway, so incremental upgrades have worked since the iPhone OG appeared on AT&T’s roster in 2007.

High component costs necessitated the iPhone 14 Pro price hike

Ming-Chi Kuo even listed the component suppliers that won Apple’s ultra-wide camera upgrade orders – Sony for the sensor, Minebea and Largan for the moving-coil monitor, and LG for the packaging. of the camera module – but warned that they would charge a lot more this year.

Besides the much more expensive 48MP main camera sensor, Apple will have to shell out 70% more for Sony’s new ultra-wide camera sensor, 45% for moving-coil monitors from Largan and Minebea, and 40% more for the LG’s camera package, boosting the overall price of the camera set significantly.

They do, however, have periscope zoom lenses, so it remains to be seen whether iPhone fans will be willing to pay premium prices for Apple’s latest and greatest when the iPhone 14 Pro Max starts shipping on September 16 or thereabouts.
Apple bet they would and would have ordered more iPhone 14 Pro Max and 14 Pro models that he only ordered the assembly of the cheaper versions of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max, so we will see who will be right this time around – the market or Apple. During the iPhone 14 Pro Max pre-order period next week, you can also follow our iPhone 14 deals shop around to see where you can get it for the best price to assuage the rising starting tag.

The iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, however, will sport other improvements that their less specific siblings won’t, like a new A16 processor and better screen-to-body ratio thanks to drastic front design changes. of a perforated screen concept adopted by Apple.

So its bean counters might hit the nail on the head again and sell more Pro models than regular iPhone 14s for a change, at least in the initial pre-order period, inflation and purchasing power be damned.

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