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Don’t you hate when they give everything in the title? So, a late spoiler warning that indeed the iPhone 14 will almost certainly be the big announcement at Apple’s September event. A few other things also seem close to some, including the Apple Watch Series 8.

As always, there may be one or two wild cards in the event. It will be interesting to see precisely how much Apple ends up announcing next week. The company was more than happy to run announcements through the events, over the two-plus years when everything suddenly went online. The simple truth is that it’s much easier to ask people to drop everything to cover your event when it comes to sitting at a computer than flying across the United States. This one, on the other hand, will probably be worth the flight (I mean hopefully – no refunds on tickets).

The company sent out invitations earlier this month, emblazoned with a galaxy formed from the Apple logo and the words “Far Out.” A later animation shows the constellation rotating to reveal a heart. There is often a hidden meaning in the art of the invitation, and speculation raged over the week that followed.

My first thought was something to do with the company’s alleged AR/VR headset. Others have suggested it might have something to do with the long rumored satcom technology for Apple devices, which didn’t arrive in time for last year’s event. Others still believe it could be a reference to improved imaging on newer iPhones.

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So let’s start with the iPhone 14. Hard to believe, but the device celebrated its 15th anniversary last June. So what’s Apple got planned for Crystal’s birthday? Rumor has it that high-end devices would be do the heavy lifting this time around (expect some of these upgrades to trickle down to lower-cost models over the next couple of years).

Perhaps the most surprising news this time around is the long-awaited loss of the notch on the Pro and Pro Max. There’s some debate over the exact setup, but a punch-hole (as we’ve seen on a number of Android handsets over the years) is likely to come up in its place, perhaps coupled with a secondary design of ” pill “. So you get more space, but compromise with a pair of camera cutouts.

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Another long-standing Android feature – always-on display – is prevalent for the higher end models. The main camera is said to have a major bump, up to a 48-megapixel sensor. It’s for wide-angle, with two 12-megapixel cameras (telephoto and ultra-wide).

The chip is also updated to the more powerful A16 – again, this could well be a premium-only upgrade here. We know a move to USB-C is inevitable, given recent EU legislation that will force device manufacturers to adopt this universal standard. Although despite similar laws being passed for a number of countries including the US and India, the iPhone 14 is expected to be the last Lightning Port stand for the line. Speaking of late stands, the iPhone Mini may have disappeared from the line altogether. It’s a blow to fans of the small phone, a number of whom are currently employed by TechCrunch. So expect one or two animated messages on these pages, should that happen. The new range is expected to come in two 6.1-inch and two 6.7-inch models, with a standard version and a Pro version of each.

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The Apple Watch Series 8 is the other big title expected here. The latest iteration of Apple’s market-dominating smartwatch is rumored to come in three flavors. There’s the SE (getting its first major update since 2020), which will retain the same footprint as the Series 7, plus a larger Series 8 and a new outdoor/sports model, designed to take on the Garmins of the world. .

In addition to increasing the screen size, all three devices can also be upgraded to the new S8 chip. Along with the software improvements, the system could finally get a new Low Power Mode, which would help improve battery life – still the biggest issue with the Apple Watch, compared to the rest of the field.

AirPods Pro

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Perhaps the most overdue item on the list: the AirPods Pro. The standard AirPods have received a few updates, but the high-end models haven’t seen any since their introduction in 2019. Three years is an eternity in the earphone world, and the competition has had plenty of time. to catch up and even – in a few cases – skip Apple here.

Lossless audio is prevalent. There may also be a redesign that could remove the iconic click rod. This would present a pretty drastic change in the controls of the device. Another interesting potential element is the addition of sound for the case, which can sound to work better with the Find My function.

CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA – April 20, 2021: Raja Bose of Apple introduces the new iPad Pro as seen in this still from the opening video for a special event at Apple Park. Photo credit: Apple Inc.

Meanwhile, iPad may appear, including a M2 iPad Pro model, but the consensus seems to be that the company will hold another final event before the holidays, where we’ll also get new Macs with the latest chips, including the long-awaited – and much redesigned – return of the Mac Pro. I wouldn’t rule out either entirely for this event, but they are less certain than the above.

The AR/VR Headset is the real joker in all of this. The rumors have been lingering for quite some time and only intensified when the company filed trademark applications including “Reality One”, “Reality Pro” and “Reality Processor”. It is also said that he has already presented a version of the helmet to shareholders. At best, a preview could arrive, to entice developers to start building for the product.

homepod mini colors

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A few odds and ends:

  • The return of the HomePod? We’re talking about something potentially similar to the original, full-size model and, possibly, a product with a screen, à la Nest Hub or Echo Show. Apple really needs a proper hub for HomeOS.
  • A new Apple TV.
  • Release dates for iOS16 and watch OS 9 seem likely. We know we’ll have to wait a little longer for new iPadOS. And macOS is coming could apparently happen during this event, but a safer bet is the aforementioned unannounced October event.

As always, we’ll be there, bringing you the news as it breaks.

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