Record-breaking heat could test California’s power grid like never before. This is how the public can avoid power outages

California’s power grid could be tested like never before, officials warned Monday, as they urged the public to step up conservation efforts or face the prospect of losing power during a historic heat wave that has not finished roasting the State.

The projected energy load on California’s electrical infrastructure exceeds what state officials expect to have available to them on Labor Day. And Tuesday should be even worse.

That’s when electricity demand is expected to be the highest on record, California independent system operator President and CEO Elliot Mainzer told a conference call. press on Monday.

“The forecast for Tuesday would be higher than the highest demand ever,” he said. “Right now our goal is not to see that number.”

To keep demand from exceeding state supply, Mainzer pointed out that consumers should increase their electricity conservation efforts by two to three times what they did at the start of the historic heat wave.

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