Apple iPhone 14 launch event (September 2022): what to expect, how to watch

We can always count on Apple to announce the latest iPhone model every September. This year’s event is fast approaching; the company is expected to unveil its iPhone 14 lineup, along with at least a few new ones Apple watches during a live-streamed showcase this week. We should also see ads for software, and maybe even other hardware accessories and goodies.

The event begins Wednesday, September 7at 10:00 a.m. PT, 1 p.m. Eastern Time. You can watch it live here on this page, or on Apple event website and that of the company Youtube channel. You can also watch it on any Apple TV or streaming box. Just go to the Apple TV+ app to find the live stream. When you open the app on Wednesday morning, the event should be displayed prominently at the top of the page. This method works even if you are not subscribed to Apple’s streaming service.


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As usual, WIRED will also host a live blog about the Apple event during the Wednesday morning show. We’ll be posting up-to-the-minute details and real-time analysis of what’s happening at Apple Headquarters in Cupertino, California, where the event takes place.

Apple has been holding these September events consistently for a decade now, ever since it launched the iPhone 5 in 2012. To this day, it’s slick, polished storefronts that prepare Apple loyalists for the company’s fall release slate. This consistency also made announcements easier to predict. As with each of these streaming infomercials, rumors and leaks have already spilled the beans on what’s likely to be announced. Here’s what to expect.

iPhone 14

The surefire centerpiece of the showcase will be a new line of iPhones, likely to be called the iPhone 14 (unless Apple goes wild and names the phones differently). Rumors point to the existence four new iPhone models, each with slightly different specs. Expect variations from Apple’s previous naming conventions, with Pro or Max suffixes attached to the most capable devices. Curiously, there are rumors online that Apple may be ditching the smaller Mini iteration of its iPhone lineup, instead focusing on the 6.1 and 6.7-inch models this time around.

Some design tweaks are coming to new phones. Apple could remove its (in)famous notch at the top of iPhone screens, replacing them with a Google Pixel-esque hole along the top edge. Fancier models may have titanium frames and always-on displays. Inside, Apple is expected to update phones with its local A16 chips.

A data also for these September events: the release dates of the next versions of iOS and iPadOS will be revealed. Apple will also highlight some of the new features coming to the next versions of its mobile software, iOS 16 and iPadOS 16.

Apple Watch Series 8

Apple is expected to announce at least two updated models of its Apple Watch. The standard Watch 8 model is expected to be a modest design upgrade over the Series 7, but the big change could come in the form of the supposedly “rugged” release of the Apple Watch. Such a device could feature a sturdier and more durable design with better weather resistance and an unbreakable screen.

Last year, The Wall Street Journal reported that upcoming features for the Apple Watch line may include the ability to play the your skin temperature and detect if you have been in a car accident. The battery life of Apple Watches has always been below average, but now it’s possible that each full charge will last more than a day in the Pro models. It’s unclear if these features apply to both the standard Watch 8 and the eventual Rugged Edition.

AR/VR Headset

Sorry, but Apple is unlikely to say anything about its highly anticipated, but still rumored, AR/VR headset at Wednesday’s media event. A mixed reality device is almost certainly in the works, given that news broke this week that Apple has filed various trademarks of the term reality, and that he is likely to pin this mark on his helmet. But it’s unlikely that such a headset will be announced this month; it’s likely slated for an unveiling next year instead.

Of course, you never really know. These product events have started to feel very slick at the moment did over the years, Apple might therefore be inspired to inject some excitement into this one and tease something brand new.

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