Fantasy Football Week 1 Running Back Preview: Waiver Thread Additions, Screenings, DFS Games and More


Throughout the 2022 draft season, there hasn’t been a running back I’ve drafted more often than Aaron Jones. With a draft to go, he’s on 33% of my rosters this year. It might make you think I’m fading AJ Dillon. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, I’ve come on Dillon so much in the past two weeks that I’ve drafted Dillon in five of the last nine drafts I’ve completed.

How can that mean anything? These are the two most valuable Packers in fantasy football.

As of Tuesday morning, I have Jones rated RB8 and Dillon RB18 in my full season standings. For week 1, they are almost exactly the same place. And this Week 1 projection (full Week 1 projections at the bottom of this article) helps explain why.

This week I have both Jones and Dillon pitched for 12 carries against the Minnesota Vikings, which gives them a projection of 50 to 60 yards on the ground. I also threw Jones for five targets and Dillon for three. Whether Allen Lazard is unable to play, these numbers will likely increase. I also have both backs thrown for a touchdown.

I get it if 12 carries and 3-5 targets doesn’t seem like a go-to running back. But just look hunt kareem at the beginning of last year. He averaged 11.5 rush attempts and four targets through the first six weeks of the season and ranked RB9 in that streak due to his elite efficiency and multiple touchdowns. Elite efficiency and a slew of touchdowns are exactly what you should expect from Jones and Dillon.

The Packers wide receiver’s situation is currently a bit of an unknown, and many of us believe that Jones might just be leading this team when it comes to receiving. This includes fantasy analysts like me and Writers packers look alike. If he does, then even my Jones rating is too low.

Do you still have a draft to do? Feel free to take Jones in Round 2 or Dillon in Round 4. Feel free to take both. If something happens to one, the other might just be the best running back in Fantasy Football.

Are you preparing your program for this week? Bring them both in. And that includes in DFS, as you’ll see below.

Now onto the rest of the Week 1 RB preview:

Week 1 RB Preview

The following players are not scheduled to play Week 1 at this time. Here’s what that means:

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Numbers to know

  • 21.9Jonathan Taylor led all running backs with 21.9 FPPG last year. It was the 12th best average per game in the past five seasons.
  • 29.3by Christian McCaffrey 29.3 FPPG was 8.4 points higher than any other running back in 2019.
  • 74Najee Harris led all running backs with 74 catches last year. It’s a very important part of him that justifies his ADP Round 1.
  • 6.7 – Aaron Jones has averaged nearly seven targets per game in his last seven games without Davante Adams. This would give him a chance to lead all running backs in catches.
  • 2.4Cam Akers averaging just 2.4 yards per carry after returning from his torn Achilles in 2021.
  • 28.3% — The Saints leads the NFL with a target running back rate of 28.3% last year.
  • 45Derrick Henry leads all running backs with 45 touchdowns over the past three seasons. Aaron Jones is the only other fullback with 40.
  • 20.3David Montgomery has averaged 20.3 touches per game over the past two seasons. He will be of enormous value if he retains this role.
  • 4.9 — Since Single diviner entered the league, he is one of 37 running backs to have scored at least 100 targets. He ranks 34th in yards per target (4.9) and 35th in yards per reception (6.5). Don’t expect a lot of goals this year, which makes him much better at non-PPR.

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