Rain reported inside Las Vegas casinos amid thunderstorms

Thunderstorms dumped heavy rain and brought strong winds to central Nevada on Thursday, flooding the streets and casinos of Las Vegas. Lightning and small hail were also part of the stormy mix that hit the popular summer travel destination. Additional thunderstorm activity is expected Friday evening, 6-8 p.m., with the possibility of thunderstorms continuing through … Read more

Judge Alito mocks foreign critics of abortion cancellation

WASHINGTON (AP) — Judge Samuel Alito has scoffed at criticism from foreign leaders of the Supreme Court ruling he authored overturn a constitutional right to abortion, in his first public comments since last month’s decision. The judge’s remarks drew more criticism as well as some support. Speaking in Rome at a religious freedom summit, Alito, … Read more

More than 60 North Carolina counties at “high” risk for COVID in the community, CDC says :: WRAL.com

By Maggie Brown, WRAL Multiplatform Producer The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated a community map of COVID-19 on Thursday to show that 61 of North Carolina’s 100 counties are at high risk. The majority of counties in eastern and southern North Carolina are at high risk. The CDC recommends that North Carolina … Read more

House to vote Friday on assault weapons ban

CNN — The House will vote on banning assault weapons Separating packages on gun control and policing laws that had been intertwined Friday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced on Friday after talks broke down among different factions of the House Democrats. House, preventing leaders from being able to pass bills together. Although the House may … Read more