South Carolina House proposes near-total ban on abortion with new limited exceptions for rape and incest

CNN — The South Carolina House of Representatives moved forward on Tuesday legislation it would ban nearly all abortions at all stages of pregnancy, after adding a last-minute amendment that includes exceptions for certain cases of rape and incest. The amendment, which adds an exception for rape and incest up to 12 weeks after conception … Read more

Maxwell Frost: Gen Z candidate to win Democratic nomination in Florida’s 10th district, CNN projects

CNN — Maxwell Frost, a 25-year-old community organizer, will win the Democratic nomination in Florida’s 10th congressional districtCNN projects, and could become the first member of Generation Z elected to Congress. He beat out a crowded field of candidates seeking to replace the Democratic representative. Val Demings in an Orlando-based district, including state senator Randolph … Read more

Deshaun Watson: NFL and NFLPA reach agreement to suspend Cleveland Browns QB for 11 games, $5 million fine

CNN — The NFL and NFL Players Association have agreed to suspend Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson for 11 regular season games without pay and fine him $5 million after he was accused of sexual misconduct by more than two dozen women. Watson will undergo “professional evaluation by behavioral experts and follow their treatment program,” … Read more

Albuquerque: Son of suspect in murder of 2 Muslim men sentenced to remain in custody on federal false statement charge

CNN — The son of a man suspected of killing at least two men in a recent string of murders that terrorized Albuquerque, New Mexico, was ordered Monday to remain in federal custody on a charge related to the case from his father. Shaheen Syed, son of Mohammad Syedfaces a federal charge of knowingly making … Read more

China’s #MeToo figurehead loses appeal in sexual harassment case against star host

hong kong CNN — A Chinese court on Wednesday dismissed an appeal by a former state television intern against the dismissal of her landmark #MeToo case accusing a star presenter of sexual harassment. Zhou Xiaoxuan, better known as Xianzi in China, became the face of the country’s #MeToo movement in 2018, when she publicly accused … Read more

Four Muslim men were killed in Albuquerque. Here’s what we know about them

CNN — After ambush-style shootings of three Muslim men and the recent murder of a fourth in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the city’s Muslim community is nervous and fearful. A beloved city worker who yearned for a political future and a proud new American citizen are among the victims of a string of shootings, police say … Read more

Pete Rose dismisses questions over Philadelphia rape back allegations: ‘That was 55 years ago, baby’

CNN — major league baseballAll-time leader Pete Rose returned to the field in Philadelphia for the first time since receiving a lifetime ban from baseball in 1989. The 81-year-old took part in the 1980 Philadelphia Phillies Championship team celebration at Citizens Bank Park on Sunday where he received a standing ovation. The Phillies had planned … Read more

Indiana becomes first state after Roe to pass law banning most abortions

CNN — Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb on Friday signed a bill banning most abortions – the first state to pass a restrictive law against the procedure since Roe v. Wade was canceled earlier this summer. The Indiana House and Senate passed the GOP-sponsored bill earlier Friday. The bill would provide exceptions for cases where the … Read more

An American dentist is accused of having killed his wife during a safari in Zambia. He says she accidentally unloaded the gun

CNN — Lawrence and Bianca Rudolph shared a passion for big game hunting. In late September 2016, the couple traveled from their home in Phoenix to the South African nation of Zambia, where Bianca Rudolph was determined to add a leopard to her collection of animal trophies. They carried two rifles for hunting: a Remington … Read more

House to vote Friday on assault weapons ban

CNN — The House will vote on banning assault weapons Separating packages on gun control and policing laws that had been intertwined Friday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced on Friday after talks broke down among different factions of the House Democrats. House, preventing leaders from being able to pass bills together. Although the House may … Read more