Everything We Know (So Far) About Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan

Caroline Purser | The image bank | Getty Images How many debts are cancelled? Did I receive a Pell Grant? Chances are you received one as part of your financial aid package while in college: Of the estimated 43 million borrowers who will benefit from the administration’s forgiveness plan, more than 60% are Pell Grant … Read more

The jobs report should be hot and that could lead to an aggressive Fed

People enter a store along a busy Manhattan shopping street on December 10, 2021 in New York City. Spencer Platt | Getty Images Job growth in August likely slowed from July’s blistering pace, but is still expected to have been quite strong, with widespread hiring across many sectors. Monthly jobs data is always important, but … Read more

US McDonald’s chef says California fast food bill unfairly targets big chains

A sign is displayed outside a McDonald’s restaurant on April 28, 2022 in San Leandro, California. Justin Sullivan | Getty Images McDonald’s boss On Wednesday, the United States publicly criticized a landmark California bill that would give the state more control over the wages of fast-food workers, saying it unfairly targets big chains. The remarks … Read more

More details emerge on Biden’s federal student debt cancellation plan

Student borrowers hold a rally on August 25, 2022 outside the White House to celebrate President Joe Biden’s cancellation of federal student debt. Paul Morigi | Getty Images Entertainment | Getty Images As tens of millions of Americans process the news of federal student loan forgiveness, countless questions are emerging about how it will all … Read more

Hungarian meteorological service chiefs fired after poor forecast

Budapest, Hungary — The two senior officials of Hungary’s weather service were fired on Monday after an inaccurate rain forecast led to the postponement of a fireworks display on the country’s most important national holiday. The dismissal of the director and deputy director of the National Meteorological Service prompted accusations of political interference by the … Read more

Walmart expands abortion coverage for employees after Roe v Wade

Customers outside a Walmart store in Torrance, California, U.S., Sunday, May 15, 2022. Walmart Inc. is expected to release earnings numbers on May 17. Bing Guan | Bloomberg | Getty Images walmart on Friday told employees it would expand coverage for abortion and related travel, according to an internal memo. The change takes place about … Read more

Google employees call on management to get equal abortion benefits

Bambi Okugawa is a data center technician at one of Google’s data centers in a US state with one of the country’s strictest abortion bans: Tennessee. The state will ban abortions as early as six weeks, without exception for rape or incest, on Aug. 25 due to a “trigger law.” If necessary, Okugawa could have … Read more

Starbucks asks labor board to suspend union elections by mail-in ballot, alleging misconduct in voting process

Starbucks Workers United t-shirts hang outside as union workers strike over unfair labor practices outside a Starbucks location at 874 Commonwealth Avenue in the Brookline neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, U.S., Tuesday, 19 July 2022. Scott Brauer | Bloomberg | Getty Images Starbucks asks the federal labor commission to suspend all union elections by mail-in ballot … Read more

Beirut bank hostage-taking ends with gunman arrested

BEIRUT — A hostage situation in which a gunman asked a Beirut bank to let him withdraw his trapped savings so he could pay his father’s medical bills ended seven hours later with the surrender of the man Thursday. No injuries were reported. Authorities said Bassam al-Sheikh Hussein, 42, entered the bank branch with a … Read more

Missed rockets may have killed more than a dozen in Gaza battle

TEL-AVIV, Israel — Nearly a third of the Palestinians who died in the latest flare-up of violence between Israel and militants in Gaza may have been killed by errant rockets fired by the Palestinian side, according to an Israeli military assessment that appears consistent with independent government information. ‘Associated Press. The Israeli army said 47 … Read more