John Oliver happily mocks Alex Jones trial text messaging error

A week after kick disgraced British Prime Minister Boris Johnson leaving, John Oliver returned to the Last week tonight office on Sunday to weigh in on the libel trial of lopsided conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who was found guilty of falsely claiming that the Sandy Hook Massacre was a “hoax” filled with “actors”. The jury … Read more

Father of 6-year-old killed in Sandy Hook shooting testifies Alex Jones made his life a ‘living hell’

Fight back tears and finally get the chance to face off against a conspiracy theorist Alex Jonesthe parents of a 6-year-old child killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting described enduring a ‘living hell’ of death threats, harassment and ongoing trauma over the past decade caused by Jones using his media platforms to … Read more

Alex Jones on trial: Sandy Hook’s parents testify to the ‘hell’ he caused

New York CNN Business — Parents of a child who was murdered in the 2012 Sandy Hook shootings gave moving testimony in a Texas court on Tuesday, telling a jury that lies pushed by right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones have stained their son’s inheritance and tormented them for years. The jury hearing the case will … Read more